CDGM Building & Landscaping Terms & Conditions

1. Please read these terms and conditions carefully as further costs and legal action may be taken

2. Upon signing the agreed quote and returning a copy to CDGM building and landscaping you have 2 weeks cooling of period to cancel the contract. But may agree to start the work within this period by written notice. A £50 charge will be applicable if cancelled within the 2 week period. If you decide to cancel after the 2 week period you will be liable for the full invoice amount as this work is allocated a slot before any other person.

This is therefore seen as allocated company money. Unless under proven extreme circumstances CDGM Building & Landscaping may allow the work to be delayed. A non-returnable £150 deposit will be required at this stage.

3. When the work is due to begin an approximate start date will be issued. An exact start date will be given 7 days prior to starting. A deposit of 30% of the invoice will be taken on being given a start date. A further 50% when the half-way mark is reached and the remaining 20% payment is required at the time of completion. Any extra work required to satisfactory complete or in addition to the quoted work must be agreed by both parties and be additionally quoted for.

Failure to settle any invoice will invalidate any warranties given at the start of the contract. If you do settle the invoice, then the full 3 year warranty will be issued. No warranty will be issued for any lighting installed that is purchased from another supplier. If they offer a replacement set of lights, then you will be only liable for the replacement labour costs only. All other workmanship and materials will be covered for a period of 3 years from completion date. If the final invoice is not settled, then no warranty will be issued.

4. Whilst CDGM Building & Landscaping is working at the property a key will be required to access water and electrics and use of the toilet and tea making facilities. Also use of the driveway will be required and vehicles will need to be removed when needed. Especially on the first day as machinery will be arriving. Failure to do this will hold up the progression of the works and may incur further charges.

5. All persons working for CDGM at the customers property will be polite and leave the site safe and clean before leaving. Site hours are 8.00am-4.30pm variable with lunch breaks when needed. We will not work outside of these hours unless requested.

6. Whilst CDGM Building & Landscaping and its members of staff are working at the customers property where they shall act professionally at all times and should get treated the same way. Any attempt to bully, intimidate or lure them into doing extra work not quoted for is against the terms of the contract and you may be liable for extra costs and legal action.

Thus any attempt to treat CDGM staff in an unkind way as to bully or belittle them or insult them, is also against the terms of the contract and will not be tolerated. You may face legal action.

7. If whilst working at the property if any of the freshly laid products are walked or damaged by the customer, then the customer will be liable for the rectification costs.

8. Adverse weather conditions affecting (such as heavy rain then immediate freezing) of of setting cement will not be covered by warranty and repair costs will be at owners cost. External lighting replacement labour costs are not covered by warranty. The lighting is if within the 12 manufacturer’s warranty period.

9. Any Building or landscaping project if required will adhere to any planning or building control specification. Structural engineer’s reports will be the customers responsibility and cost. Building regulations will be strictly followed at all times and any inspection by building control inspectors will be fully adhered to. Any structural steel specification given by the structural engineer will be adhered to and purchased and installed by CDGM Building and Landscaping Ltd.

10. If any extra work required is not paid for fully then all work will cease and the materials purchased will remain the property of CDGM until the extra work is fully paid for. If payment is made the products will be released to the customer.

11. All materials left at the property are the customers responsibility and if damaged or stolen will be the customers responsibility to pay for them to be replaced.

12. On satisfactory completion of the work by CDGM Building & Landscaping a final invoice will be issued and will be required to be paid immediately on receipt. If after seven days this is not paid an administration charge of £50 will be added. If after a further 7 days this is not paid a further £95 will be charged to send this for debt recovery.

13. Any site visits requested by the customer with CDGM Building & Landscaping Ltd, for the purposes of a quote are free. If the appointment is cancelled without 24 hours’ notice, then a £45 charge will be incurred.

Terms and conditions as required by CDGM Building & Landscaping by Chris Denham, Director and Owner of the company.

Dated: 02/03/2014 Company Registration Number 9335151.

All workmanship and materials are covered by a 3 year guarantee